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Spirited Away To Wales Again and Again

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My flock and I have been on holiday in North Wales.  We needed it too.  It was a tough year this last one.  Health problems, the death of a cherished family member, the death of the family pet, work issues and the recession make for a good recipe for anxiety and stress.

We returned reluctantly from Wales last Saturday.  We put off the return trip home as long as we could.  We stopped by a small cafe, lingered over coffees we didn’t really want and chatted about inconsequential things.  Eventually, we made our way back home with me taking in every moment and every sight of the journey.  I didn’t want to miss a thing.  You see, I was making long-lasting memories.

I still haven’t completely returned from holiday.  My body’s here and my mind checks in as and when needed, but my spirit?  Well, she’s still in North Wales lazing on the warm sand and soaking up the sun.  She’s still walking along the beach and splashing about in the surf like a Nereid, enjoying Nature at her most tranquil.

She marvels still at the beauty of Mount Snowdon on a clear day and relishes the quiet solitude of a walk in the woods.  In the evenings, she dines on tasty and satisfying fare at local eateries and enjoys a drink and a laugh afterwards with the family.  Am I envious?  No, not really. My spirit is what allows me to get through the day to day routine we call life.  While she remains in Wales going where her whims take her, I can relive holidays and special moments at will.  The memories I created during our time in Wales are the key to unlocking those carefree, aimless days.

When faced with a day I’d rather not be having, I can stare out of my bedroom window, tap into memories and be spirited back to Wales (or wherever).  I no longer see a backyard fence.  I see a grassy sand dune and beyond that, a golden beach that seems to stretch into forever.  The sound of traffic and lawnmowers is transformed into the sound of the surf rushing to the shore and my children cavorting in the sand.

While running errands, I’m no longer in Yaxley but in a quiet wood where all is still and peaceful and if you’re very fortunate, Nature may reward you with a glimpse of a shy, gentle  deer, or present you with a perfect bloom.

Like anyone else, I have times when I wonder how I’ll manage another day.  These are the times when I can call upon my spirit to take me away to a happier time.  It’s during these sojourns that I find balance and stability again.  And when I return to the real world, the problems don’t seem quite so insurmountable.  But, I’ve learned over the years that fleeing reality is something that should be done as a little as possible.  I’ve learned that if you take your memories out to often, the sensation of really being there gets that little bit fainter and the inner glow I feel gets that little bit dimmer.  It’s best to keep these flights of fancy to a minimum.

I would encourage you to find your own spirit that you can call upon to spirit you away when the road gets a bit bumpy.    Unless you have a really understanding, flexible boss or you’re fabulously wealthy, these memories will have to last you till your next holiday or special occasion.  So choose your moments wisely.

North Wales Coast

North Wales Coast

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