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Just the Two of Us in Peterborough

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Due to unforeseen, but welcomed circumstances, I had a free, unstructured Saturday.  Brilliant.  It had been a drizzly, rainy week, but today promised sunshine and good cheer.  My husband, Awesome Dude, had the day off and the kids were off doing their own thing.  It didn’t take much to convince the big guy to spend the day just strolling around Peterborough city centre.

Peterborough is, I think, an acquired taste.  There are those who would turn their nose up at the idea of taking a leisurely stroll around the town; they consider it ‘rough’.  I prefer to think of it as ‘gritty and edgy’.

Starbucks, Peterborough City Centre ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved

After parking the car, we walked to Starbucks™.  It had been nearly an hour since my last caffeine fix and I was getting a little touchy.  It felt odd sipping coffee in the building where I used to do my banking.  Don’t let this photo fool you; Starbucks™ doesn’t use the entire building, so it’s kinda cramped, and seating is at a premium.  Still, they do make a lovely coffee.  And Frappuccinos®.  Lord, I do love their Frappuccinos®.  On a hot, summer’s day, they just can’t be beat.  If you ever find yourself in Starbucks™ on a hot, summer’s day, do yourself a kindness and get a Frappuccino®.  I recommend the caramel one.  Heaven.

Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough City Centre ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved

When we’d finished chatting over our coffees, we strolled next door to Queensgate Shopping Centre.  Although the recession is biting hard and some shops have closed, there is still a decent variety of stores to shop and browse through.  Stalwarts like John Lewis, H & M and The Body Shop® were holding their own.  One shop got smart and moved out of their dedicated unit to buddy-up with BHS department store.  Clever.

Our oldest daughter, Lil Diva, was working today at one of the shops in Queensgate, so we surprised her by treating her to lunch at Little Frankie’s.  This is one of our favourite eateries in Peterborough.  Tucked away on a small side street just outside Queensgate, it’s a pleasant place to get away from the crowds.

Little Frankie’s offers a wide selection of pastas, salads, sandwiches, desserts, drinks and ambitious burgers.  And they do milkshakes the way milkshakes are meant to be; thick, creamy, icy-cold and downright sinful.  Delish.

After lunch, Lil Diva rushed back to work leaving Awesome Dude, and I to ponder what to do with the rest of the afternoon.  I suggested the Peterborough Museum as I had been wanting to visit but never got around to it.  Awesome Dude agreed, and we proceeded there.  On the way, we passed the old Woolworth’s store.  I still can’t believe Woolies is no more.  It’s like part of my past had been wiped out.

Peterborough Museum, Peterborough City Centre ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved

Peterborough Museum hadn’t always been a museum.  Very few buildings in this country start out as they intend to finish.  The museum was originally a private residence, then became Peterborough’s first hospital and finally a museum in 1931.  I like wandering around museums, learning about the people that lived before us.  While looking at the various exhibits, I envisioned what day-to-day life might have been like and why they lived as they did.  Societal pressure to conform?  A reaction to the times they lived in?  Or was it just pure survival?


Unfortunately, Awesome Dude doesn’t have much fascination for anything that doesn’t involve spherical objects being flung about on a green playing field, so I couldn’t lose myself in the past as much as I would have liked.  (Note to self:  Must return on my own with camera).

As we left the museum, my husband reckoned the kids would be returning home soon.  I agreed, and we walked back to the car and drove home to resume family life.  It’s not often Awesome Dude and I have a day to ourselves.  But when we do, it’s a kind of magic.




Little Frankie’s is no longer operating in the city centre.  It has been replaced by a generic Italianesque restaurant.

M&B American Italian Restaurant, Peterborough City Centre ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved


English: Alternative Logo of TK Maxx




The old Woolworth’s store is now home to a TK Maxx outlet.


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