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Qualities of a Good House Sitter

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In previous posts, we’ve covered what house sitting is and some of the benefits of becoming a housesitter.  We’re now going to look at a some of the qualities that make for a good house sitter.


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As a house sitter, the care of the garden, pets and any other jobs agreed upon by you and the homeowners during their absence will rest on your shoulders.  The owners want someone who is capable of dealing with routine issues like a sink backing up, as well as major problems such as the heating system breaking down.

They also want someone who understands that their pets are members of the family.  It’s not enough to feed and water them.  You’ll need to exercise them and give them extra hugs and cuddles to help ease the stress of missing their family.  If the pet becomes ill, it’s you who’ll need to take him to the veterinarian and provide any after care.

Very few homeowners are likely to just ‘leave you to it’.  Review with the owners any contact details they provide to ensure they are accurate.  Make sure you understand when the owners wish to be contacted. Some may want daily phone calls or emails; even if all you have to say is, ‘Everything’s fine.  Enjoy yourselves’.  Others may only wish to be contacted if there is a dire problem that desperately requires their attention.


When you agree to house sit for someone, it is not unreasonable for the homeowners to expect you to see the job through.  Their main reason for engaging a house sitter is because they want someone who will oversee the property and give their home the ‘lived in’ look that makes burglars give their house a miss. And they want that house sitter for the entire time they are away.  If you’ve agreed to a six-month house sit, you shouldn’t bail out half-way through because you got a better offer elsewhere or you just don’t want to do it any more. This kind of cavalier attitude will seriously cut down on your chances of getting another assignment.

If you must leave the job due to circumstances beyond your control, you should make arrangements for someone else to takeover and let the homeowners know of the change.  It really is the least you can do.


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Get this one quality right and the rest should fall into place.  Respect isn’t just about saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  It’s about showing consideration for the homeowners and their property.

While their residence will be your new home for a bit, it doesn’t make it OK to redecorate it to your liking.  The homeowners have every right to expect to find their home in the same or better condition as when they left it.  Every stick of furniture and accessories are in its place for a reason so don’t move anything out of its place unless it’s really in your way.  Make sure, however, you put everything back as it was before the owners’ return.

If the homeowners have chosen you and only you to house sit, don’t move your family, friends, pets and/or current lover in without their knowledge or consent.  Not only is this an abuse of trust and highly unprofessional, it could be viewed as a breach of contract and you could be sued.  As long as you treat the residence as you would want your own home to be treated, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you feel you possess these basic qualities and would make a good house sitter, check out now to find out more.



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Benefits of Becoming a House Sitter

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Whether you go on holiday for two weeks a year or are a seasoned globetrotter, travel can be expensive.  If I told you there was a way to reduce the cost of travel, I would probably get your full attention, wouldn’t I?  OK, then listen up because there is a way:  by becoming a house sitter.  House sitting is an arrangement between a homeowner and a responsible adult, the house sitter, where the house sitter agrees to move into the residence during the owners’ absence.

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A major benefit of becoming a house sitter is the money you can save on accommodations.  While it’s possible to save some money by staying in budget hotels and hostels, as a house sitter you could save much more because you would live in a comfortable home rent free.  All that would be asked of you in exchange is to look after the home.  This would include gardening, pet care, pool maintenance and any other jobs agreed by you and the homeowners.  The only things you would be expected to pay for are your groceries and phone bill.  If the assignment is a long term one, you may also be responsible for the utility bills.  Despite that, though, it still works out cheaper than the daily cost of a room.

With the money you can save on accommodations, you could spoil yourself with a shopping spree or an extravagant night on the town.  If you’re a forward planner, your savings could be put towards educational fees or a down payment on a house or flat.   Or perhaps those savings could be the capital you need to start that business you’ve been dreaming of.

Staying in a hostel is not without its simple charms.  It can provide ample opportunities for meeting new friends and sharing travel stories.  But the opportunities for a hot shower and some privacy aren’t quite as plentiful.  As a house sitter, you could stay in a well-furnished home with plenty of room to move around in. Imagine having a kitchen with all the mod cons as well a living room all to yourself.  Not to mention reliable plumbing and a water heater that could guarantee you a hot shower or leisurely soak in the bathtub anytime you wanted.  And let’s not forget the restful night’s sleep you could have because you wouldn’t have any noisy roommates keeping you up.


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As you pack for your adventure, you probably don’t imagine homesickness being an issue.  With all the beautiful sights and remarkable people waiting to be experienced by you, when would you possibly have time to feel homesick?  But it happens.  It happens.  You see, the thing that turns an incredible experience into a cherished memory is being able to share it with someone close to you.  You may find yourself thinking, ‘I wish my Mom/Dad/brother/sister/best friend were here.  He/she would have really liked this.’

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When you become a house sitter, the daily routine of looking after a home and possibly a pet or two, can help take the edge off that feeling of isolation.  Also, being part of a community, even temporarily, can give you a sense of belonging.  You’ll make new friends; learn about another culture and possibly a new language. Many homes have computers with webcams and Internet connection which makes staying in touch with family and friends simple.

If you’ve read this far, you may be toying with the idea of becoming a house sitter.  Or, at least, you want to look into it further.  If so, stop by  You can read more about house sitting and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.





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Find Cheap Accommodations through House Sitting

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Travelling around the world, like attending college, is one the best educational experiences around.  It’s an opportunity to learn new things, meet different sorts of people and broaden your outlook on life.  However, like attending college, travel can be costly.

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The expense of accommodations alone can quickly eat up your cash reserves leaving you with very little money to explore the area with.

Hostels are an economical alternative, but they can be noisy places with people coming and going constantly. Privacy is hard to come by as you share a room, kitchen and bathroom facilities with others.  If you prefer tranquillity and a place to call your own, maybe you should consider becoming a house sitter.

House sitting is an arrangement between two individuals, a homeowner and a responsible adult, i.e. the house sitter, whereby the house sitter agrees to move into the homeowners’ residence and occupy it during their absence.  In return for the free accommodation, the house sitter is required to carry out predetermined chores and duties in relation to the maintenance of said abode. These jobs usually include, but are not limited to, gardening and lawn care, pet care, pool maintenance and any other jobs the homeowner and the house sitter have agreed on.

If you prefer to forego the usual tourist traps in favour of experiencing the true culture of a region, house sitting will turn you from a passive observer to an active participant.

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As a house sitter, you will become part of the community and learn firsthand how the locals live.  You’ll meet and chat with neighbours who can fill you in on the finer points of running a household such as mail delivery and rubbish collections as well as where you can get medical/dental services.  You may even find yourself in lively debates about the state of the political situation.

Your new friends will quickly become your ‘go-to’ people when you want recommendations on where to shop for local foods and how to prepare them, the best places to eat and where the best nightlife can be found.  They will also be able to tell you about local customs that will help you integrate into the community more easily.  And they can also teach you commonly used phrases to help you communicate better. So you may even learn a new language.  Bonus.


If this sounds like an interesting option for you, click here to visit  Here, you’ll find more detailed information on house sitting and how you can register.




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