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Activities at Ferry Meadows Country Park Pt 1

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Approximately three miles from Peterborough town centre lies the country park of Ferry Meadows.  With 500 acres of woodland and water, you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing an outdoor activity.  For now, let’s see what there is to do on land.

On Land Recreation

Open Meadows and Fields

Coney Meadow, Ferry Meadows Country Park © Copyright 2012 by phoenix2327 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

With the wide open fields and green meadows that make up Ferry Meadows, you can easily enjoy your favourite outdoor activities without cramping anyone else’s good times; or their’s, yours.  Fly kites with the kids, play football or cricket with friends, throw the Frisbee around with Fido.  You can revel in all these activities and more.  Be sure to stop at the Visitor Centre as they have a selection of games and toys available for purchase so you can enhance your day at Ferry Meadows.

There are also playgrounds dotted around Ferry Meadows where you can turn the kids loose to burn off some energy and do their own thing while you sit nearby and bask in the sunshine.


Ferry Meadows offers long winding paths through pleasant, green scenery for those who like to wander while they ponder.  Most of the paths are surfaced making them wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

The Nature Reserve is one of the few places in Ferry Meadows where people are prohibited from walking. This is so the wildlife can flourish and develop the way Nature intended.  There are, however, two hides were you can survey the Reserve without disturbing its occupants.  Remember to bring binoculars and/or a camera.  You never know what might be visiting.

Starling in the Bush, Ferry Meadows ©Copyright 2012 by phoenix2327 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Nature Reserve isn’t the only place where you can observe animals.  They are, in fact, all around you.  Keep a sharp eye out and your camera ready.  This cheeky fellow was behind my left shoulder, right at eye level, avidly inspecting me.  If my daughter hadn’t pointed him out, I would never have noticed him.


National Cycle Network 63 and The Green Wheel, Ferry Meadows Country Park ©Copyright 2012 by phoenix2327 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Bike riding has always been a great pastime that you can enjoy solo or share with family and friends.  Ferry Meadows has miles of off-road, traffic-free cycling paths that also take in the National Cycle Network Route 63.  So pump up those tyres, get your helmet on and pedal your way around Ferry Meadows.

Haven’t got a bike?  No problem.  Bicycle hire is available at Lakeside Leisure where you can also pick a map of the Peterborough Green Wheel.  The Green Wheel is a network of cycle routes that provides continuous sustainable routes around the city of Peterborough.  Part of this route goes along Overton and Gunwade Lakes and through Short Meadow.

Horse Riding

Riding Through Ferry Meadows, Lynch Riding Farm

If you prefer a different sort of riding, there are dedicated horse trails in Ferry Meadows for those who enjoy riding horses and ponies in tranquil, bucolic settings.  You can contact Lynch Farm Riding, located on the edge of Ferry Meadows, for more information on hack rides.

If you’re interested in more innovative ways of exploring Ferry Meadows, have a look at these:

Segway Tours

People with Segways

By Elizabeth from burlington (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (

Ferry Meadows has approximately 500 acres of woodland and lake.  That’s quite a bit of ground to try cover in one visit.  But if you’re determined to see it all, maybe a Segway tour is the thing for you.

Segways are battery-powered, two-wheeled, self-balancing, personal transport vehicles.  Reaching speeds of up to 12.5 miles/20.1 km per hour, these nippy little machines can get you where you want to go in Ferry Meadows quickly so you can spend more time enjoying Ferry Meadows.

You can book Segway rides around Ferry Meadows at Nene Glides.


Richard Smith [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (

Orienteering is a sport that involves finding your way through unfamiliar territory as quickly as possible.  Using a compass and a map to guide you, race family and friends to checkpoints around Ferry Meadows and compare scores.

There are two orienteering courses available at Ferry Meadows.  The short course, approximately, 2.9k (1.8miles) is recommended for beginners.  There are also medium and long courses for more experienced orienteers as well as for those who want to challenge themselves.


By Stepshep (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons. org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Yay, treasure hunt.  Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?  Yes, geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that’s been updated for the electronic age.  Using global positioning system (GPS) receivers or mobiles, players try to find geocaches hidden around Ferry Meadows.  Interested?  Click here to find out more at Geocaching.



If you’d like to place a geocache, get in touch with the Nene Park Trust.


Golfers at Orton Meadows Golf Course, Ferry Meadows ©Copyright 2012 by phoenix2327 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Anyone who enjoys interrupting a good walk with a round of golf should make their way to Orton Meadows Golf Course.  An 18-hole, 5613 yard, par 67 golf course located at the entrance to Ferry Meadows, Orton Meadows also boasts a 12-hole Pitch and Putt course suitable for all ages and abilities.  For more information, contact Nene Park Golf.

Ferry Meadows Miniature Railway

One of my favourite activities at any leisure park is the tour.  It’s a chance for me to kick back for a bit and take in the scenery while conserving energy.

The Ferry Meadows Miniature Railway first opened to the public in 1978 and is still going strong.  Board up at Ham Lane Station where your journey will take you along the perimeter of Coney Meadow, pass Overton and Lynch Lakes and stops by Lakeside Leisure where you can get some refreshments.  Afterward, you can take a stroll and stop by some of the sights that caught your eye on the ride up and enjoy them at your leisure.

Thomas the Tank Engine, Ferry Meadows Miniature Railway, Ferry Meadows Photographer: Ian Britton

These are just some of the ways you can explore Ferry Meadows.  Next time, we’re going to look at some of the things you can do on water.

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