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Find Cheap Accommodations through House Sitting

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Travelling around the world, like attending college, is one the best educational experiences around.  It’s an opportunity to learn new things, meet different sorts of people and broaden your outlook on life.  However, like attending college, travel can be costly.

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The expense of accommodations alone can quickly eat up your cash reserves leaving you with very little money to explore the area with.

Hostels are an economical alternative, but they can be noisy places with people coming and going constantly. Privacy is hard to come by as you share a room, kitchen and bathroom facilities with others.  If you prefer tranquillity and a place to call your own, maybe you should consider becoming a house sitter.

House sitting is an arrangement between two individuals, a homeowner and a responsible adult, i.e. the house sitter, whereby the house sitter agrees to move into the homeowners’ residence and occupy it during their absence.  In return for the free accommodation, the house sitter is required to carry out predetermined chores and duties in relation to the maintenance of said abode. These jobs usually include, but are not limited to, gardening and lawn care, pet care, pool maintenance and any other jobs the homeowner and the house sitter have agreed on.

If you prefer to forego the usual tourist traps in favour of experiencing the true culture of a region, house sitting will turn you from a passive observer to an active participant.

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As a house sitter, you will become part of the community and learn firsthand how the locals live.  You’ll meet and chat with neighbours who can fill you in on the finer points of running a household such as mail delivery and rubbish collections as well as where you can get medical/dental services.  You may even find yourself in lively debates about the state of the political situation.

Your new friends will quickly become your ‘go-to’ people when you want recommendations on where to shop for local foods and how to prepare them, the best places to eat and where the best nightlife can be found.  They will also be able to tell you about local customs that will help you integrate into the community more easily.  And they can also teach you commonly used phrases to help you communicate better. So you may even learn a new language.  Bonus.


If this sounds like an interesting option for you, click here to visit  Here, you’ll find more detailed information on house sitting and how you can register.




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